Manuscript Consultation

The Bay Area Book Doctor offers several manuscript evaluation and critique services to fit different needs and budgets–from an exhaustive critique to a “first 50 pages” package. Page count is based on manuscript format: double-space your work in a 12 point font with margins of 1″ to 1.25″ on all sides.

  • Written critique of the first 50 pages of your manuscript
  • Are your opening chapters doing everything they should to engage the reader, introduce characters and conflict, establish setting, tone, and point of view, and move the story forward?
  • Does the pacing lag at any point in the first 50 pages?
  • Do the opening chapters make it clear why this particular story is being told at this particular time, from this unique perspective?
  • In other words, have you given the agent, editor, or reader-at-large every reason to keep reading and ask for more?
  • If you’re in the early stages of your novel, or you are preparing to send your sample out to agents or use it for fellowship and residency applications, this package is for you.
  • If you purchase the First 50 Pages critique and later decide to purchase a complete manuscript evaluation, a $149 credit will be applied to Package Two or Three.
  • $249 <a href=”mailto:bayareabookdoctor@gmailcom”>Check availability</a>
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Comprehensive written critique of your manuscript, addressing
  •  plot
  • characterization
  •  tone
  • point of view
  • structure
  • theme
  • writing style
  • and anything else that is relevant to your book
  • Phone, video, or in-person consultation to discuss the critique
  • $1450
    Check availability.
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Written critique of your manuscript, addressing plot, characterization, tone, point of view, structure, theme, writing style, and anything else that is relevant to your book
  • Phone, video, or in-person consultation to discuss the critique
  • Written evaluation of your revision
  • Phone, video, or in-person consultation to discuss revision
  • $2450
    Check availability.
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    Michelle helped me enormously with my novel. She’s kind and generous, but she’s also a tough critic. By seeing things that I could not, she gave me big-picture notes on plot, character, point-of-view, and dialogue. On my manuscript, she marked where the problems were and then wrote out solutions. She also tried to make sure that the book stayed mine. She never imposed her personal style but wanted me to find my own. I cannot recommend Michelle enough. She is a wonder!

    ~Jennifer Paddock, author of the forthcoming novel The Weight of Memory





    Please note: Packages 2 – 3 are for a manuscript of up to 325 pages (double-spaced on one side of page, 12 pt. font or larger, at least 1 inch margins).